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In today’s always-on world, more and more people are turning to audiobooks as a way to disconnect from all things visual; to sink into their own thoughts and re-connect with their imagination.

For audiobooks to bring to life a wide range of literature, the audiobook narrator must interpret the text in their own unique way, and animate the characters and scenes, to make the tension, drama, and action come to life. Being from the North of England, and having also spent a considerable amount of time in London and the South (recording narration in RP for many corporate clients), my voice is well suited to audiobooks set in any part of England or with British characters.

  1. Audiobook Narration Josh Shirt Voice Over 1:54

Short Stories

Here are some short stories that I recorded for Sony, Denmark. They are available on Spotify.
When recording audiobooks, I use my experience gained as a professional voice over actor for 17+ years, and as a professional stage actor.

Am I the right narrator for your audiobook project?

My voice is well suited to projects that need:

  1. an engaging performance
  2. a voice over actor with stage experience
  3. a British audiobook narrator for fiction or non-fiction
  4. a youthful, young adult audiobook narrator
  5. a voice actor that can convincingly play many different types and age of character
  6. audiobook editing, post-production and mastering done by the narrator
    (I often quote for PFH (“per finished hour”) audio)
  7. an audiobook narrator with a Northern English accent
  8. an audiobook narrator with a British RP accent
    (I read with both of these accents professionally, on a daily basis)


One of the things I especially enjoy is reading fiction. I enjoy creating the characters, and the feeling I get when I listen back to the recordings and hear the characters believably interacting with each other — it’s a bit like opening a door into another universe. For nuanced fiction, whether old, young, middle-aged, rich, poor, Northern, Southern, male or female, I strive to make every character believable (no caricatures here!) and I pay attention to their backstories to inform that way that they are portrayed. (You can read more about my behind-the-scenes audiobook production process here.)


I have narrated characters from all over England and even America. I have studio and stage acting experience. I’ve narrated books for well known publishers and I’ve also recorded and produced titles working directly with authors. These audiobooks are often later distributed via Audible.

  1. Characters - Video Game and Audiobook Josh Shirt Voice Over 1:04


As a full-time professional voice over artist, one of the main services I offer is the recording of informative, engaging and interesting narration: for corporate videos, medical narrations, and, of course, for audiobooks.

I recorded “Start at the End” for Welbeck Publishing in 2021. The book is autobiographical and motivational, and follows the successes of Dan Bigham, the captain of an amateur British track cycling team who beat professional multi-million-pound teams at the highest level. Dan Bigham is originally from Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, and so my neutral Northern accent and clear, enthusiastic delivery were a good fit for the publisher.

  1. Start at the End - Audiobook Sample Josh Shirt - Voice Over Artist Listen on Audible 4:47

I offer a complete audiobook service (recording and production)

If you are an audiobook publisher looking for a voice talent with their own professional studio and full post-production facilities, then look no further!

I am well versed in audiobook editing, from removing mouth sounds and breaths, to delivering the audio at the correct loudness level, split into appropriate chapters and passages, ready to pass inspection when delivered to the main audiobook platforms.

If you hire me for your audiobook project, no additional engineer or studio is needed. I am able to do all recording and production in-house.

I offer competitive PFH (per finished hour) rates.

Just contact me for more information.