Corporate Narration

Corporate narration can include employee training, product tutorials, explainer videos, and much more.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate voiceover for a rebrand reveal video or you want to educate your employees or customers about a new product or service, I can provide you with the corporate narration services you need to confidently communicate your brand’s vision.

Examples of My Work

Same Day Corporate Video Voiceovers

Corporate narrations are a way for your company to tell a story and the voice you use to tell this story can mean the difference between effectively engaging with your audience or falling short. That’s why choosing the right corporate narrator is important.

Many corporate narrations require a voice that is authoritative yet friendly, engaging yet down-to-earth. Whether you’re looking for a more formal tone for your video or you want something more conversational, I have the versatility, experience, and abilities you need to elevate your company’s message.

I have recorded corporate narrations for hundreds of different B2B, B2C, and charities, from household names to small businesses. No matter your industry or aim, I can help convey your brand’s message.

I offer live recordings and self-records five days a week from my broadcast-quality home voiceover studio, and am available to connect via Source Connect Now, Clean Feed, IPDTL, and ISDN.

My studio also supports live direction over Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp – connect with me while I record!

You can also simply email me your script and I will get it back to you via secure file sharing. Over my 17+ years in the voiceover industry I have developed a reputation for accuracy and efficiency and I offer same day turnaround on most projects.

Internal Corporate Narration

Internal corporate narrations allow you to communicate with your employees in an engaging, professional manner. Some examples of my internal corporate narration services include:

  • Employee training videos (cybersecurity, software orientations, etc.)
    HR initiatives (diversity and inclusion, etc.)
  • Corporate imaging
  • Corporate culture
  • Company vision
  • Corporate history lessons
  • Onboarding
  • Information on new products, services, and procedures

External Corporate Narration

As a company, you want a confident, on-target voice that accurately represents your vision. I can help you impress customers, clients, shareholders, investors, and other external stakeholders with corporate narration services for:

  • Conference presentations
  • Product tutorials
  • Explainer videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Rebrand reveal videos
  • Kickstarter videos
  • Philanthropic events
  • Event invitations
  • Conference presentations

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