I have been a professional voiceover actor for over 15 years.


It’s likely that you recognise my voice – from radio commercials, TV ads and online videos.

Direct your recording session with me using Skype, Zoom, Source Connect, Clean Feed, IPDTL or ISDN.

From my home studio I record adverts, narrations and audiobooks every weekday.

My clients often ask me to record youthful, conversational voiceovers and upbeat narrations.

I also record cool, hard sell, “promo reads” as well as a more formal corporate narrations and medical voiceovers.

I speak fluently in two accents: my native Northern English accent, or a universal RP (Received Pronunciation) British accent.

I offer a fast turnaround on all recordings and I am happy to provide no obligation quotations.

I look forward to hearing about your project.