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Audiobook Narration

In today’s always-on world, more and more people are turning to audiobooks as a way to disconnect from all things visual; to sink into their own thoughts and reconnect with their imagination.

An audio book narrator brings to life a wide range of literature by interpreting the text in their own unique way, connecting to the subtext through their own, and animating the characters and scenes, to make the tension, drama, and action come to life.

Being from the Derbyshire in The North (and understanding the culture), and having also spent a considerable amount of time living in London and The South of England, my voice and performance suits audiobooks set in the UK.

Some of My Audiobooks


The year is 1983, the boom of the video age, and Scott Bradley is 17, unemployed, and on the dole. Drifting through life, he and his friends love nothing more than to sit around drinking, talking about girls, and watching horror movies. But things are about to change.

Start at the End

A revolutionary new look at a powerful age-old wisdom, Start at the End is a fascinating exploration of how we can achieve success and proof that no goal is impossible.


Philip Ridley’s collection of short stories became an instant cult classic when first published in 1990. Magical, poetic, heartbreaking and humorous.

About My Audiobook Projects


  • a voice over actor with stage experience
  • a youthful, young adult audiobook narrator
  • a voice actor that can convincingly play different types and age of character
  • someone who offers professional audiobook recording and post-production (I deliver audiobooks that are ready to be distributed to the major platforms)
  • an audiobook narrator with a Derbyshire / Cheshire / High Peak accent
  • Someone who speaks RP (neutral “Southern” English)

“Josh Shirt breathed new life into my short novel “Dead Leaves”. His understanding of the book’s landscape, of the characters and their world was second to none. Not only that but he was professional, friendly and completely accommodating to any suggests or comments I may have had. He was a joy to work with. “

Andrew David Barker



I enjoy reading fiction – it’s like opening a door into another universe. You can hear books I’ve narrated on Audible and the other major streaming sites.


As a full-time professional voice over artist, one of the main services I’m paid for is the recording of informative, engaging and interesting narration.


I voice characters from all over England and even America. I love bringing characters to life and applying my stage and studio acting experience.

I Offer a Complete Audiobook Production Service

If you are an audiobook publisher or author looking to hire a voice talent with their own professional studio and full post-production facilities, look no further!

I am well versed in audiobook editing – from removing mouth sounds, sibilance, breaths and plosives – to delivering the audio at the correct loudness level, split into appropriate chapters and passages, ready to pass inspection when delivered to the main audiobook platforms.

If you hire me for your audiobook project, no additional engineer or studio is needed – I am able to do all recording and production in-house.

It’s my aim to offer competitive PFH (per finished hour) rates. Please contact me for a no obligation quotation.

Bring Your Book to Life