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Explainer Videos

Put simply, explainer videos tell a story.

I have been a professional voiceover for over 15 years and I have recorded a large number of explainer videos – for websites, for social media, for Kickstarter campaigns.

I’d love to help your story come to life.

I usually record with a warm and friendly tone of voice, or with more authoritative and formal tones.

Examples of My Work

The explainer videos that I narrate range from animated videos for business, to technical videos for the medical industry.

Why Choose My Voice For Your Explainer Video?

  • I can work with you to help you set the right tone for your video
  • I’m often told that I take direction well –  by working with me, you’re in control of the way your brand sounds
  • I can reassure you that your video will be a success due to my professional voice over experience. I’ve worked with and represented many top brands for over 15 years
  • Explainer videos are cost-effective once produced, often being embedded across the web. A video for your company website can also be shared on your social media feed, helping your marketing budget to go further!

Upbeat Explainer Videos

Clients tell me that they work with me when they want an engaging, upbeat, youthful voice.

Formal and Professional Voiceovers

I also often record formal video voiceovers, like this one, that educate and inform with a more authoritative tone.

My Studio and Voiceover Editing Facilities


I am available to record every weekday from my professional home studio. You can direct me by Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Cleanfeed, Source Connect, Session Link Pro or IPDTL, or I can self-record your script and send you a WAV or AIFF file once the recording is complete.

I am an experienced producer as well as a voice talent. This means that I can edit your audio, remove any breaths and apply “post” processing, so that the audio you receive from me is instantly ready to shine on your website and/or social media feed.

My turnaround time for explainer video voiceovers is usually 24-48 hours.

Overdubbing and Sync


Usually, the voice is recorded before the picture is edited. But, if your video animation is already complete, I can sync my voice to your picture — supplying you with an audio file that, when placed at zero seconds on your timeline, perfectly fits your existing video.

I also offer voiceover lip sync services.

Please contact me for more details and for a no obligation quotation.

Need Music?


Since 2013, I’ve created a library of popular commercial music that has been used by major brands including ASDA and Ryan Air. Just let me know if you would like to hear samples. As an additional service I can add this music, mixed and mastered, to finished voiceovers that I supply.

Want More Information?

I look forward to hearing about your project