Voice Overview

COVID-19 update – Week Commencing March 30th I am available for voice overs

  1. Medical Narration Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:30
  2. Corporate Narration Josh Shirt Voice Over 1:18
  3. eLearning Narration Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:43
  4. Upbeat Commercials Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:56
  5. Cool Commercials Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:47
  6. IVR & On Hold Messaging Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:40
  7. Audiobook Narration Josh Shirt Voice Over 1:54
  8. Video Game and Audiobook Characters Josh Shirt Voice Over 1:04
  9. Audio Imaging & Branding Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:45
  10. Conversational & Spotify Voice Overs Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:57
  11. Kids TV Commercials Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:57
  12. Northern UK Voice Over Josh Shirt Voice Over 1:18
  13. University & College Voiceovers Josh Shirt Voice Over 1:09
  14. English Language Course Narration Josh Shirt Voice Over 0:38

I am a professional British voice talent with a neutral or northern UK accent.

My voice is heard around the world everyday.

Clients choose me for voice overs that sound friendly, young and upbeat or cool, dynamic and edgy.

I am also an experienced audiobook narrator and voice actor capable of portraying many characters and emotions.

I offer 24-hour turnaround on most scripts and look forward to hearing about your project.

5 Minute Preview

‘Flamingoes in Orbit’ was updated and re-released in 2019. I auditioned to be the audiobook narrator and I’m very happy to say that I got the part – these stories were a pleasure to bring to life.

The book is now available on Audible and is being well received in 2020.

Choosing the best voice over for a university advert


When choosing the best voice over for a college or university advert, select one that sounds educated yet approachable.

Because universities and colleges are diverse places, you’ll probably want to choose a voice that has a clear and neutral accent that will be appealing to all prospective students.

It’s also worth choosing a voice that sounds young with an air of accomplishment. This way, undergraduate listeners will identify with the voice and they’ll also be encouraged that the college is reputable and prestigious.

Keeping the above in mind, here’s a radio commercial voice over I recently recorded for UTC Sheffield:

Clients choose my voice for projects that need to sound upbeat, intelligent and friendly, and because I have a neutral accent, my voice doesn’t conjure images of a certain place and it speaks to a universal audience, much of the same way that educational institutions do.


Voice Overs for Streaming Services, and How They’re Different

For the commercial voice over above, I performed a projected ‘announcer voice’ – designed to stand out in an ad break – but it’s a different ball game when I record for Spotify, DAX and YouTube.

On streaming services, the voice is not sandwiched into a large and loud commercial break (as it is on TV and radio) – instead it is often on its own. The listener is also likely on their own (perhaps listening during their commute or while working out). So for these instances, more of a conversational, one-to-one tone is appropriate.

It’s important that voice overs for streaming services don’t shock or agitate the listener by being too loud, yet they must still be interesting and charismatic.


Educational Voice Overs

Here’s a voice over narration I recorded for Imperial College London, informing and welcoming new students:

Voice overs for colleges and universities make up a large part of my work as a professional voice over artist. Perhaps my clients can tell that another significant part of my work is educating people: through e-Learning courses, audio books and English language courses for high school classrooms. In fact, in real life I also occasionally educate in the fields of music and technology!


If your project needs a British voice that sounds youthful, clear, friendly and intelligent then I’d love to hear from you.

Tour Guide Voice Over

Recent Work

I was recently asked to record the tour guide voice over for Wood Green’s new video. It features interviews with staff and lots of cute pets too!

To begin with, Wood Green asked me for an approachable, clear and genuine narration. Then, I performed the script with neutral vowel sounds to cater to their Southern audience.


Wood Green The Animals Charity - Tour Guide Voice Over


Please get in touch if you’d like me record your voice over.

Flamingoes in Orbit

Recent Work

Philip Ridley’s collection of short stories (Flamingoes in Orbit) – like his two adult novels, Crocodilia and In the Eyes of Mr Fury – became an instant cult classic when first published in 1990.

Flamingoes in Orbit Audiobook Recording

‘Flamingoes in Orbit’ was updated and re-released in 2019. I auditioned to be the audiobook narrator and I’m very proud to say that I got the part.

These stories were a pleasure to bring to life: A multitude of interesting and believable characters jumped out at me from the page and lent themselves to a range of British accents.

I recorded my performance of the novel in October and November 2018 and Ridley’s accurate, engaging and sometimes controversial storytelling literally made me laugh and cry.

5 Minute Preview

This great book is about coming of age, family dynamics and being gay in 80’s England, in a world still bristling with prejudice, and (it) sings and howls with the need for equality and freedom.”

“Menace lurks in the shady corners of family life…. Chilling.” (Time Out)

“Ridley is a visionary.” (Rolling Stone)

The audiobook is now available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Hear More of My Voice Acting

Listen to my audiobook and character showreels or see my other voice actor projects.

If you are interested in casting me for your project please contact me.

Corporate Video – Narrator Voice

Recent Work

Corporate videos are an engaging and effective way to tell stories and communicate messages.

Promotional Video Voiceovers

I recently recorded the voice over for Node 4’s ‘Services Gateway’ video:

The session was directed by their video production company who linked up with my studio via conference call. After the session I delivered a high quality WAV recording to the client.

For live voiceover recording sessions it’s common for me to connect with clients by Skype, ISDN or Source Connect. I’m also happy to record scripts myself and simply deliver the audio by e-mail when it’s finished.

If you are making a corporate video and need a voice over then I’d love to hear from you.

Samsung YouTube Video Voiceover

Recent Work

I often work for people who need a youtube video voice over.

YouTube Video Voiceovers

I recently recorded this voice over for Samsung UK’s YouTube Channel.

My voice explains to customers how to install and maintain their new washing machine.

Often clients e-mail me scripts for video presentations and I record the commentary. Once the recording is complete I return the audio in WAV or mp3 format. In the audio file I include a few versions of the script so that the client can pick their favourite when editing to picture.

Corporate Narration Showreel

You can hear and see more of my corporate voice over narration on the showreels page.

Radio Imaging Voice and Podcast Voice Overs

Recent Work

I’m often asked to be a radio imaging voice.

This audio branding (usually referred to as ‘Promos and Imaging’) has the intention of establishing a consistent ‘voice’ and brand identity as music and presenting styles change throughout a broadcast or podcast.

My voice has a wide range for sonic imaging: from young and dynamic ‘Radio One’ voice (for DJ shows and DJ podcasts – the classic ‘in the mix’ voiceover) to upbeat friendly announcer.

I am also an experienced sound engineer and audio producer, producing entire branding packages (with powerful, cutting-edge sounds and themes) for my clients.

Radio Imaging Voice for Aycliffe Radio

Recently I helped launch UK community radio station ‘Aycliffe Radio’. Over three months I supplied around 200 voice prompts to establish their brand identity.

For their breakfast show I give an excited and enthusiastic voice over. For their rock show my voice is grungy and edgy, and for the evening playlist I provide a relaxing and soothing voice.

Listen to My Radio Branding

Download Radio Imaging Showreel (Right click “Save As”)

This imaging was produced by Dan Callum.