About Me


I am a professional British voice over actor with an approachable, assured voice.

I have recently recorded voice overs for Capital One & Samsung and Audiobooks for Sony.

Scroll down to see my latest work or view my portfolio and showreels.

If you are looking for a voice that will engage your audience please contact me.

YouTube Video Voiceover

Recent Work

I often work for people who need a youtube video voiceover.

YouTube Video Voiceovers

I recently recorded this voice over for Samsung UK’s YouTube Channel.

My voice explains to customers how to install and maintain their new Samsung washing machine.

Often clients e-mail me scripts for corporate presentations and I record the commentary. Once the recording is complete I return the audio in WAV or mp3 format. In the audio file I include a few recordings of the script so that the client can pick their favourite version when editing to picture.

Corporate Narration Showreel

You can hear and see more of my corporate narrations on the showreels page.

Medical Voice Over for Roche

Recent Work

This medical voiceover is aimed at members of the public and aims to explain how the blood-brain barrier works.

Educational Video Narration

Roche are a multinational pharmaceutical company that operate worldwide. They selected my voice for this project and we recorded the script at my agent’s studio in London. The client directed the session and they were keen to capture a tone that was friendly and informative; they felt that my voice was a perfect fit for their recording.

Medical Voiceover Showreel

You can hear and see examples of other medical and technical voiceovers I’ve recorded on my showreels page.

Audiobook Narrator for Sony

Recent Work

I was the recently the audiobook narrator for two stories now available in podcast form on Amazon, Spotify and Deezer.

Audiobook: Surreptitiously Supercilious

Surreptitiously Supercilious by Molly Crighton is a piece of fan fiction based on the love story ‘Notting Hill’. This novel follows the twists and turns of a transatlantic relationship. I narrated the book in its entirety, performing both the British and American accents.

Audiobook: One Man’s Treasure

One Man’s Treasure by Fay Rahman is set in the criminal underworld of medieval England. I had fun recording this story because its scandalous cast lent itself to some quirky regional English accents (alright guv’nor?)

Audiobook Narrator Showreel

You can download my audiobook showreel here.

Radio Imaging Voice and Podcast Voice Over

Recent Work

I’m sometimes asked to be a radio imaging voice.

This audio branding (usually referred to as ‘Promos and Imaging’) has the intention of establishing a consistent ‘voice’ and brand identity as music and presenting styles change throughout a broadcast or podcast.

My voice has a wide range for sonic imaging: from young and dynamic ‘Radio One’ voice (for DJ shows and DJ podcasts – the classic ‘in the mix’ voiceover) to upbeat friendly announcer.

I am also an experienced sound engineer and audio producer, producing entire branding packages (with powerful, cutting-edge sounds and themes) for my clients.

Radio Imaging Voice for Aycliffe Radio

Recently I helped launch UK community radio station ‘Aycliffe Radio’. Over three months I supplied around 200 voice prompts to establish their brand identity.

For their breakfast show I give an excited and enthusiastic voice over. For their rock show my voice is grungy and edgy, and for the evening playlist I provide a relaxing and soothing voice.

Audio Branding Showreel

Please get in touch if you’d like a custom demo.

You can hear some of my audio branding voiceovers on the showreels page.

TV Commercial Voiceover for Treatwell

Recent Work

I recently recorded a TV commercial voiceover for Treatwell. The TV advert is now airing across the UK. Treatwell is the largest hair and beauty bookings website in Europe.

National TV Commercial Voiceover

I recorded the audio from my professional home studio, taking direction from the client via Source Connect. The advert promotes the Treatwell app (for Apple and Android) which allows people to conveniently book spa and salon appointments at the touch of a button. For the ad I perform the character of a young British man who is bright, upbeat and enthusiastic about the new app.

Commercials Showreel

To hear more commercials I’ve voiced, take a listen to my commercials voiceover showreel here.

Corporate Narration Voiceover

Recent Work

Corporate videos are an effective way to tell stories. They present information in an engaging way; using visuals animated in time to a voice over recording.

Promotional Video Voiceovers

I recently recorded this video promoting Node 4’s ‘Services Gateway’.

The session was directed by their video production company via telephone conference call and afterwards I delivered a high quality WAV file of the recording from my professional studio.

For live voiceover recording sessions it’s also common for me to connect with clients by Skype, ISDN and Source Connect, or I can self-record scripts and deliver the audio by e-mail.

Corporate Narration Voiceover Showreel

I am happy to provide custom demos for your project, just drop me an e-mail.

Or, you can see more of my corporate narration work and hear more on the showreels page.