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It’s very likely that you’ve heard my voice on the TV, radio or online. As one of the leading voiceovers in the UK, I work with household names and small businesses to make their adverts engaging.

Whether your commercial needs a voiceover that is upbeat or down-to-earth, edgy or sophisticated, I have over 15 years of pro VO experience and I’d love to help take your commercial to the next level.

Advert Voiceovers

I’ve recorded TV advertising, radio advertising, and Spotify ads for countless different industries, including:

  • College and university
  • Music festival & club promotion
  • Charity
  • Automotive
  • Health and medical
  • Business and financial
  • Property
  • Food and beverage
  • Children’s toy
  • Video game

How a Professional Voiceover Enhances Your Advert

With many commercial messages out there demanding people’s attention, choosing the right tone of voice is important. Experienced voiceovers infuse commercials with character and emotion. They provide a human element and sometimes a regional accent that helps people pay attention and connect with a brand.

For more than 15 years as one of the UK’s top commercial voice actors, I have helped brands across the world resonate with their target audiences through captivating TV and radio commercials.

Clients choose to work with me for my experience and also my versatility. Please check out my showreels to hear examples of the versatility of my voice, including Northern bloke-next-door, upbeat British announcer, authoritative, provocative, and many more – listen here.

I am experienced at “soft sells” that need a conversational tone as well as more powerful “announcer style” reads; whatever approach you want for your commercial, I’d be happy to help make your vision a reality.

I am available to record five days a week from my broadcast-quality home voiceover studio, and I offer same day turnaround on most projects. I offer live sessions via the high quality audio services – Source Connect Now, Clean Feed, IPDTL – or you can also direct me over Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Just get in touch to get started!

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